Week 10: Marketing and Communications

Rowley, J. (2003). Information marketing: Seven questions. Library Management, 24(1), 13-19. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/198856804?accountid=14507

Alshare, K. (2011). Business communications skills in information systems curricula perspectives if is educators and students. Journal of Education for Business86(3), 186-194.

Marketing and Branding is essential to library culture if we are to keep libraries afloat. We have customers at multiple levels, vantage points, and spaces from our organisations and primary services. We all have a duty to market our products, services, images and experiences to keep the information world alive and vital for our clients. This week, our readings focused on the importance of marketing, branding and communication in an information environment and reflect them as primary processes to be managed.

I found Alshare’s article fascinating regarding communication skills in students, particularly her query whether there is enough emphasis placed on communication skills in information systems curricula. Her findings were that educators and employers felt that there was a need to reflect and incorporate communication skills and inter-personal skills in third level curricula. These skills like listening, not making assumptions about your clients and communicating well with your clients have been taught to us in information and reference services and while we have the theory, it will only be when we come into practice that we will learn if we have achieved a state that will welcome clients and engage with them, therefore promoting information literacy.

When it comes to branding, I think sometimes information professionals don’t shout loud enough, we’re so used to whispering in our library environment, we forget to sell ourselves. Earlier on in the semester there was a worldwide virtual library conference and we heard Steve Abrahams. He is an incredible man and so inspirational, he inspired us to think like rock stars, bawdy loud-mouthed chefs and tell the world to visit a library and bring a little bit more magic and creativity to our world. It is through opening the first pages of a book, listening to an audio, that we  expand our universe. Knowledge gives us power and as the inn keepers of this knowledge, we must brand it accordingly.


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