Week 4 Group Management

Week 4 Group Management


Petter, S., & Adriane, B. R. (2009). Developing soft skills to manage user expectations in IT projects: Knowledge reuse among IT project managers. Project Management Journal, 40(4), 45-59. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/218749244?accountid=14507


Fatat Bouraad.’ IT Project Portfolio Governance: The Emerging Operation Manager’.  ESC Lille, France


For group management work this week, we were asked to look at two articles. Petter and Adriane article and Bourand’s article.


Petter and Adriane’s research investigates information technology project manager’s reuse of knowledge related with ‘soft’ skills when managing ‘user’ expectations. Their research methodology was through interviews. The following themes that developed through these interviews with IT project managers transpired were: novelty of problems, conditions within the organization, types of available knowledge, and methods for reusing knowledge. Petter and Adriane discovered the resources for additional research on how social norms and organizational conditions encourage or inhibit knowledge reuse. Also they ascertained a distinct difference in the usefulness of knowledge appropriated in ‘formal’ repositories depending on the levels of management experience.  In addition, their findings highlight the application of knowledge reuse by introducing actual methods for its application using verbatim, synthesis, and creation. Bringing it back to the forefront the importance for creativity for information technology project managers to renegotiate continuous change and synthesis which was Vandeveer’s premise for successful leadership. Knowledge management is a fundamental strategy for organisations that want to endure in a knowledge-dominated society. The keywords are information technology, project management, knowledge management, managerial skills, managers and users.


In Bouraad article she addresses the intense element of technical knowledge as part of the IT professional’s overall expertise, but the business competence of the IT professionals is crucial to enable IT professionals to apply their technical knowledge in ways that are valuable to the organization and to act supportively  with their business partners .Bouraad’s study aims to investigate one of the most researched IT management issues: the influence of operation manager competencies and IT service -management sub-functions on the project success and overall organisation execution. I am including Bouraad biography as I think it’s fascinating to see people’s back ground and what motivated them to write their research



Fatat Bouraad has 21 years of experience, having worked as an IT/IS professional for international companies located in the Middle East and Europe. Her background includes project management skills, IT technical expertise, and IT services planning and implementation. She is currently working as a project manager with BULL Middle East, located in Beirut, Lebanon. She is enrolled in the PhD program “Project, Programme and Strategy”  at the École Superieure de Commerce—Lille  in France



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