Hello world!

Hello world, I’m a library and information studies student who has set up a library for a secondary school and I’ve interned at the Irish Writers’ Centre. I’m used to creative writing and think I will find myself critiquing my reflections a lot!

Here are a few vignettes of my last year encapsulated in the following short story

He was a distinguished stately man in a pinstripe black suit; the pink tie should have been a clue. He barked woof. He watched to see your reaction; you starred him down and growled. A smile these days is not enough.

You talked jumbling your words till they fell out of your head and back into the pages of the books they came from, he waited patiently as you felt roses rushing to your cheeks as your face began to burn. You blushed! A feat you thought you had grown out of. A crush has begun; delighted you smile in wonder that life can still surprise you. Heaven

You’re in Derry on a school trip walking the Nationalist’s Bog-side to the Walls to the house of the Apprentice Boys. After having a fair earful of both sides you nip out for a fag. The bus driver is waiting; he starts to talk, telling you his life’s story. His business is third generation. All he ever wanted was to drive buses. He did honours in all his Inter-cert and when it came to the Leaving, he failed everything. All that was written on his exam papers was BOLLOCKS! His son now drives and his wife too, he tells you of his latest ventures, his negotiating skills, and the price of his last bus. He’s sixty-two years old. He did Operation Transformation and lost six stone, now he’s keen to tell you, he set himself harder challenges than the ones on the telly. Each day he run four miles in forty minutes, he keeps a hat on so the neighbours don’t start to gossip and get ideas. You listen, amazed that you’re being let into the secrets of his life. You’re back at school; you turn to your colleague to share your sudden wealth of tales. ‘Oh, he told you, did he’, is her response.  You laugh to think that you were the first to hear his story.

Today you’re at the Dublin Zoological Gardens, you’ve seen the red panda, and the seals have raised their noses to the trainers in return for treats. The lions have played with their food, one hiding out in the bushes, the other up close to the glass, bathing in the water with his carcass. It’s time to feed the giraffes. Jenny, one of the girls scores and has the bucket of nuts in her hands. She rejoices: ‘I got to feed the kangaroos!’

There is a banjo playing  Disturbing my thoughts  A banjo interrupts The earth of muse   Yet I’m soothed Slightly dulled And lolled into A chain of sequence That bends my world Stringing together A strum of the day to day life


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